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View Diary: Flubber Cake, Or, Why I Didn't Used To Bake (67 comments)

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  •  Pound Bread- that's what the man who still became (6+ / 0-)

    my hubby called it as he and the roommate bounced my "onion bulky rolls" off the walls. Umm. Bulky. Yeah.

    But even institutions can screw up big time. I was in Jr. High when the lunch ladies decided to celebrate St. Patrick's day with green bagels. What ever they used "flubberized" them too, and so we didn't even get in trouble when super-ball sized chunks started bouncing around the room...

    Hubby himself is a good cook, but back in the day there was the time he invited me over for that kind of red gooey Chinese pork dish, which he had concocted by hand and carefully marinated for hours. Except he had no red food coloring, so he substituted the obvious: blue.  It tasted great but it ranged from purple to black and just looked so weird.

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned here: GET AN OVEN THERMOMETER AND CHECK YOUR OWN OVEN. Along with the kitchen-chemistry (a phrase I use with kids to get 'em thinking that way) the temperature DOES make a difference, even 25-50 degrees one way or the other will blacken or soupify your cookies.

    And I encourage people to teach kids about these things as early as they are interested, but make sure you help it work out for them. The wrong temperature, or even too much stirring if you are using Box o' Cake mix or especially Brownie mix in a box will flatten it out. The directions ARE different between box-mix and the mixer-from-scratch version. That's the one I learned in front of my High school Boyfriend and his parents and their friends the night we decided to bake dessert.

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