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View Diary: The Dreams of the White Right: The Free Republic's Fantasies of Killing "Minority Urban Youths" (57 comments)

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  •  The Roman patrician class despised (8+ / 0-)

    Rome's poor.  But they still subsidized cheap food for all the residents of the city.  They did this not because they were generous, but because they learned through hard experience that hungry poor people were dangerous people.  Not to each other, mind you, as this Freeper imagines.  They were dangerous to Roman patricians, likely to take up arms and go marching through elite residential areas setting torch to the homes of the rich.  They could also be easily coopted into a paramilitary for the purposes of a coup by an ambitious senator offering to remedy the food situation.

    Learn a little history, my Freeper friends.

    •  Now this is dumb in the other direction. (1+ / 0-)
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      ms badger

      To the first order and only in the broad, Bracken is describing an immensely plausible balance pitting exurbia and rural America against the metropolitans.  That balance does favor the exterior lines, especially given the rise of agribusiness and availability of motor vehicles outside of the cities.  As it happens, that's also the most basic cultural divide in this country.

      Now, he screws up a lot in the details, especially with this fantasy that divisions will collapse along ethnic lines.  There are going to be considerably more mouths--white suburban mouths--to feed if the country goes to shit, and they will find themselves just as much out of water in the new reality as any minority youth.  Bracken doesn't even bother to consider how to integrate these refugees into his exurban enclaves.  It's not impossible, but it's not possible to do by race (or by its proxy, concentric distance from the urban center).

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