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View Diary: RAND poll shows Republicans dispirited, Democrats energized by debate ?! (17 comments)

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  •  Why is his surprising? Complacency ruled among (5+ / 0-)

    way too many Democrats before the debate, especially here on DailyKos

    Oh, this is in the bag, we regaled each other, as we recounted the latest Romney gaffe, the lateset poll with its trending lines.

    The few who said, wait a minute, this race is going to tighten up, and who pointed out the huge amounts of money the Republicans had in reserve waiting to flood the airwaves with lies, and warned of voter repression, and warned that the Republicans would stop at nothing--they were called concern trolls (as I'm sure I will be) and told that the tens of millions spent on ads will have no effect and nothing can help Romney nor stop Obama (and some are still saying that now).

    Complacency ruled here and elsewhere and had it continued it might have cost Obama the election.

    Now people are realizing that this isn't in the bag, and this unpleasant reality, far from demoralizing them, is energizing them, calling them to action, making them think about the grim possibility of a Romney victory and what that would mean.

    Handwringing, bedwetting and "concern trolling", can actually be a good thing (it worked for Romney--the barrage of criticism he faced from his own party forced him to get up off his lazy ass and actually work and prepare and take chances), for they can wake people up, motivate them to do things they wouldn't otherwise do (even if it is just voting, something too many Democrats fail to do.)

    The proverbial golden lining of this whole debate fiasco is that the smirky complacency is gone on the part of Democrats. We know this election is up for grabs and we know that we are going to have to fight tooth and nail to win it (and believe me, President Obama and those around him get that, now, too).

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