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View Diary: At what point does Romney Pay for his Vicious Assault on Facts and our Intelligence? (217 comments)

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    Kay Observer2

    you guys are hand wringing again. Please stop. Either he will kick ass or he won't. Not a whole lot you can do about his debate performance from your couch. But you can still help GOTV unless you believe the mettle of a president lies in his ability to debate.

    We are supposed to have the President's back, yes even when he has a bad day and messes up. I cringed during the debate, but afterward it didn't change my vote. Why? because I know Obama is the best man for the job. That motivates me to make phone calls, knock on doors and arm voters with the truth.

    Stop looking for dark spots, even the obvious ones. No matter what happens in the next debates, get folks to the polls to vote, explain everything you know. Don't get side tracked by the BS. There's too much at stake and Obama is not the only one who has to do his part. Let's make sure we do ours.

    He's not perfect, nobody is, but he is my President. Obama 2012.

    by emcneill on Tue Oct 09, 2012 at 02:42:56 PM PDT

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