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View Diary: Paul Ryan gives Palinesque answer to reporter, gets hoisted by his own petard, walks off interview (143 comments)

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    JVolvo, JeffW

    That's why the reporter's suggestion was not some out-of-left-field attack.  It was the logical followup to Ryan's statement.

    You are right, of course, the logical answer, in republican-verse, is that charitable institutions have too much work because there are too many poor.  

    If we could have less poor, there would be enough charity for them.

    So the logical question is, ok, how do you have less poor?

    The only answer given by Republicans is 'tax cuts', which is what the reporter guessed, and I'm not sure why Ryan felt the need to run and hide.  That is his idea.  Cut taxes, grow the economy, lessen poverty, let charity do the rest.

    It's a stupid idea, but it's one they have been running on since, well, forever.  

    So it's curious that now the mere suggestion of it gives PR the vapors and he has to terminate his interview.

    That's why I put point (2) above, because this would have been a logical segue for PR to argue for a lower tax burden, unless it is something he really doesn't want to do anymore due to the Romney Lie-bot jettisoning that policy during the debate, so now taxes must be a no-go-zone.

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