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  •  It's Not Just about Answering Questions (0+ / 0-)

    It's about having an overall strategy (That is framing the debate). That's a big reason for Romney's success last week. Romney started the debates telling personal stories that made him look compassionate to counter the his 47% remark. Every statement he made was to reinforce the idea that he was a compassionate man who knows how to get the economy moving again, while the President is someone who doesn't understand how the economy works. But he went further than just telling a series of individual stories. Each story he told was a chapter of a larger overall story.

    Having an overall strategy increases your confidence and energy level. When you treat the debate as a series of separate questions to be answered, then you worry that you haven't prepared for the unexpected zinger. You start to play defense and then begin to look lethargic.

    You have an overall strategy, you become excited, you prepare for the debate days if not weeks in advance. Because you've prepared days in advance, you do not have to have an all nighter to prepare for the debate. You come in the debate fresh, looking good and confident.

    That's how Obama wins the next debate. Have an overall strategy. Start preparting for the debate now, and perhaps hold some townhall meetings in advance to get some practice.

    The news have reported that Romney is going to hold townhall meetings to practice for the next debate. Obama should take notice - I'm getting worried that Team Obama is not on the ball.

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