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View Diary: Daily Kos/SEIU poll: Obama voters are still excited (58 comments)

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    About the apparent dip in AA excitement over the summer? It's interesting compared with the Latino trend, since that one seems to be very consistently upward.

    Political Director, Daily Kos

    by David Nir on Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 09:24:48 AM PDT

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      I think it's mostly noise - the change from the spring maximum to the summer minimum is only 7 points, and that's not significantly different. There probably was a slight dip in excitement for 2-3 weeks following the gay marriage announcement, from looking at a slight increase in undecideds and those who were unsure about whether they approved of Obama. But at that time the excitement question was only asked every other week, so it can't be seen in this graph that aggregates 6 weeks of time in one data point during the early summer. Although it may explain part of the dip.

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