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View Diary: Sen. Chuck Schumer tells Democrats to forget Bowles-Simpson tax plan (178 comments)

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  •  Joan, how different the debate might have been (3+ / 0-)
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    if, rather than further obscuring the differences with Romney over SS and Medicare, Obama had simply said, "You'll change SS and Medicare over my DEAD BODY."

    But he wouldn't do that.  In fact, it was peculiar how he wouldn't do that.  To those of us that are worrying about the coming Grand Compromise (which looks more and more, from this diary, as a Grand Concession), it was telling.  To those who hadn't been worrying over this, it was probably just puzzling, Obama being timid and non-aggressive, etc.  It starts to make sense, though, if you realize Obama has his own plans to cut SS and Medicare that he doesn't want to discuss but he doesn't want to rule out.

    I had hoped that Biden's and Obama's next debate would give him the opportunity to lock in the safety-net loyalists through an "over my dead body" 100% commitment.  Are they too arrogant to do that?

    I'm also saddened to see that this is affecting Warren's race, which I feared.  I don't think Obama can lose, but his arrogance could and apparently has now hurt the downballot.

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