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View Diary: Unprecedented wave of Walmart protests grows with strikes in five states (75 comments)

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  •  the reason why more wal-mar don't join this action (1+ / 0-)
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    Oh Mary Oh

    is because they are afraid of management taking punitive actions and the other fact the vast majority of the community wal-marts are in don't give a flying f**ck about the wal-mart's working conditions and would not support such an action. In fact, if we formed a walk-out, or a picket line, I guarentee you we would be spit on, laughed, and have to have an ambulance on stand-by treating all the eye sprains that would occur for over-rolling them.

    I work there, and let me tell you what our shoppers think about us, they think we are lazy, stupid, incompetent rude people who are are personally responsible for overcharging them. Yet these customers still shop here two or three times a day. They don't care, as long as they can get their DVDs, or their blu-ray players or their $8.00 sweatpants.

    If we walked out, the scorn and derision that would be heaped on us by our customers would, in this smallish community bring more troubles than it is worth.

    Also, most of the workers at my store know Wal-mart sucks, and will bitch about the lousy health-care, low pay, crappy hours-get off at midnight, turn around and head back to be there at 6:30 am. They will bitch about how Walmart understaffs us, tripling our workload, and they will complain about how they can't get sick or injured until January 2013, or else be forced to write an essay on why Wal-mart should keep them on as workers. To paraphrase Alan Grayson(Don't get Sick, and if you Do, Come to work and infect others and/or make yourself sicker so we can increase our profits). Yes, we will sit around the breakroom tables and bitch about all of these things and a myriad more. But, when the dreaded "U" word is brought up, (I can't even bring myself to type Union, let alone say it without wondering who is watching/listening) these workers have gulped the gallon of Wal-mart Kool-aid, and will say, "we don't need a union, I can speak for myself".

    And they can't. The workers can't speak up even if they wanted too because they will be fired. The culture of fear of being coached, or let go pervades my store and countless others.  And beyond that culture the vast majority of workers at my store really believe the spin they are told in our "grassroots" meetings, and our anti-union hour at our orientation.  The managers are perfectly schooled playing mind-fuck games with the workers. For example, two months ago, we had a grass-roots meeting with Associate survey. For 20 minutes before we got to take the survey, we had to listen to how utterly fucking fantastic wal-mart is to the community and its workers, feeding us on Fun Fridays and as other rewards, giving out charity left and right to everyone who asks, raising thousands of dollars for Children's Miracle Network, (much of that out of Wal-mart Workers own pockets,  workers are charged for wearing jeans on jeans day events, or special dinners that are $4.00 a plate). After 20 minutes of talking about how awesome! and community service oriented! and how GENEROUS Wal-mart is, we were allowed to take a survey. Sure, we could choose low marks for wal-mart, but after hearing for 20 minutes how awesome Wal-mart was, it was tough for me to remember that I had been brain-washed to giving Wal-mart the results it wanted to hear and promote in the PR release. (Our employees LOVE working here, we have the survey to prove it.

    No, these strikes won't succeed, the community doesn't want them too, the workers are either too afraid, or have willingly or unwittingly drank the Wal-mart Kool-aid, and five years from now, we will still be talking about how much Wal-mart abuses it workers.

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