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  •  I don't want to hear about this... (0+ / 0-)

    ... in a DK diary (not a diss, Joan, at all -- fine diary).

    I want to hear about it from the fucking Obama campaign!

    There was a moment in last Thursday's debates that amazed me.  R-money made a very forceful five-point comment asserting that Obama's economic policies sucked, and Obama didn't refute it at all.  Lehrer moved on, sure, but it's not as if Obama couldn't have said "I'm not going to leave that unanswered", etc.

    I'm sure it's just the bad polling after the debate -- which otherwise seemed OK to me -- that's making me geek out about Team O's rapid response.  Maybe Politico didn't bother to ask them for a response.  Maybe they already have one out that I missed (just googled and searched YouTube).

    Anyone got a link to an Obama response to R-money's farm-state manure-shoveling?  You'll make my mid-early-late evening.

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