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  •  the big problem with that whole "state's rights" (3+ / 0-)
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    claim, as the basis for the "war of northern aggression" (ignoring the fact that the first shots fired in anger were fired, by SC soldiers, on federal ft. sumter), is that the "state's right" involved was the right to own slaves. further, all eleven state seccession documents list maintaining slavery as the reason for secession. damn, it is annoying how those pesky facts get in the way of a good story!

    the whole confederacy revisionism thing can be directly traced to the texas school board, the single largest purchaser of primary and secondary school textbooks in the country. it was they who insisted that publishers revise history textbooks, for use in the primary & secondary schools, to claim that the civil war had nothing to do with slavery, but was about the ephemeral "state's rights", though never explicitly identifying the specific right(s) involved. to change this back to reality would have been inordinately expensive, so school boards around the country just accepted those history textbooks as they were.

    one advantage of e-textbooks is that it's cheap to revise them, so texas no longer has the hold on publishers that they once enjoyed. that, and the fact that texas, having cut its education budget to the bone, is no longer a huge buyer of school textbooks. their children's ignorance is the rest of the country's children's gain.

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