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View Diary: New Obama KILLER Medicare Ad! VICTIMS! (19 comments)

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    to what I've been saying.  I was saying that he may have blown the debate because he was fighting for SS and Medicare cuts rather than fighting for you and me and progressive causes when he failed to fight back against Romney on the issue of SS and Medicare in the debates.  Again, I'm obviously speaking speculatively here, but this is what I think most likely happened now.  He's wed himself to the Grand Compromise and wouldn't unwed himself long enough to make categorical statements defending SS and Medicare, two programs which are not just progressive, but popular with conservatives in polling as well.  As it is, he stood there at the podium and said:

    “21:39:56: LEHRER: All right? All right. This is segment three, the economy. Entitlements. First — first answer goes to you, two minutes, Mr. President. Do you see a major difference between the two of you on Social Security?

    21:40:15: OBAMA: You know, I suspect that, on Social Security, we’ve got a somewhat similar position. Social Security is structurally sound. It’s going to have to be tweaked the way it was by Ronald Reagan and Speaker — Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill. But it is — the basic structure is sound...

    And that's where many of us were bashing our heads against the wall.  He should have said, "They will cut SS and Medicare over my dead body," and shut up.  But that's not his position.  he wants to "tweak it."  And his position is "similar" to Romney's.  Right.  

    That's hubris.

    I think we're screwed whoever wins.  Our best chance, I think, is for Obama to win the presidency, but that a coalition of liberal Dems and crazy "vote no on anything" teabaggers will resist him when he tries to push his "grand compromise" after the election.

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