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    KJB Oregon

    I'm still waiting for the Romney campaign to reveal their September numbers. Obviously they won't match Obama/DNC, but will they be short of 100 million?

    The most important question going forward from a strategic standpoint is: how much cash on hand does the actual Romney campaign have? Obama is crushing him in head-to-head advertising in most swing states, with the Superpacs only making up a fraction of the difference.

    With 150 million in September, plus 90 million in cash on hand heading into the month, plus October's haul, Obama could easily have 125-150 million in paid advertising in the last four weeks. Spread that out over 8 swing states, and that comes out to 30 million dollars a week, which would mean Ohio, Florida, and Virginia would be bombarded with 6-8 million dollars of ads every week.

    That's a big advantage, and one that is completely overlooked thus far in reporting.

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