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View Diary: CEO Who Built America's Largest House Threatens to Fire All Employees if Obama Re-elected (297 comments)

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  •  Or do something interesting with the house (1+ / 0-)
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    like the Winchester House - stairs going nowhere, doors that open to walls, no plan, just keep building.

    At least that's interesting.

    •  Stairs to nowhere: Years ago I was in... (0+ / 0-)

      ...Newfoundland.   I noticed that all the houses had an exterior door on the second floor with no stairs leading up it. I wondered what the deal was.  

      I asked someone, and they told me it's a "mother in law door."  That of course is the joke.  The real reason behind it is kinda clever:  under Newfoundland's property tax code, you did not have to pay property taxes on a house that was not complete.  So you had your architect draw up your house with this second story exterior door and a staircase leading up to it.  You then submit the plans to the building authority.  

      Then you build it, but you "run out of money" before you can build the staircase up to the second story door.  Thus, your house is technically not completed to spec, and you don't have to pay property taxes on it.  

      When I was in Saudi Arabia, I saw the same thing.  These beautiful buildings that all had rebar sticking out of the top, but no construction going on.  Turns out, the King would loan you money to build your hotel or whatever, but you wouldn't have to repay the loan until construction was finished.  So, you design your building with an extra floor at the top which you never get around to finishing.  

      Your comment just reminded me of those, especially the staircase to nowhere, and the "just keep building" parts.    

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