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  •  Just when I thought I was going to (4+ / 0-)
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    rightiswrong, blueoasis, ciganka, NM Ray

    turn off the TV and stop reading DKos/HuffPo until the election, I run into a low info voter this morning.

    He owns/runs a local convenience store near Fort Riley and I've known he's likely a Republican. Well, I'm getting coffee this morning and he's asking me if I planned to watch the vice presidential debate when he says "Did you hear what they said, about 'You didn't build that' to business owners about not building their own business?"

    My response? We've had some political conversations before and I think he knows I'm a liberal but I've never explicitly stated it. Anyway, I just said "Did you see the full quote?" He says "No."

    First, my jaw drops and eyes widen in disbelief and I'm thinking 'OMG, these people actually exist.'

    So after a brief pause, I just said, "That's not true, what Obama said was that business owners didn't build the public roads and bridges to their businesses." His response? "Oh."

    I went on to say how Republicans were trotting business owners out who had taken huge government loans for their businesses, blah, blah, blah.

    Anyway, OMFG, the state of democracy and our elections process is just plain fucking scary if Faux Newz can so easily dupe millions of people.

    Mitt Romney - Big Bird = Republican Foreign Policy

    by Therapy on Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 05:23:27 AM PDT

    •  Oh yeah, they exist (1+ / 0-)
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      They're the biggest problem in my opinion. You can't get people to look any further into things if they already think they are sufficiently informed. In their minds they are not "low information." These people are actually filled to capacity with misinformation, there is no room for the truth.

      Television cultivates gullibility in order to make advertising more effective. Once news was linked to entertainment for the sake of profitability, that was effectively the end of journalism on television. With the rise of the Internet, print media has taken a diminished role as well. As consumers, people are trained to attain things in the most convenient form possible. This makes it possible for people to pick up and retain the small bits of a larger false narrative. Once these are mentally assembled, they'll think they have succeeded in independent thought and formed an opinion. Once enough people have been through this process, they form a consensus. Right now it's called conservatism, but it's really brainwashing by any other name.

      We're in one hell of a predicament in this country. We have a system that's predicated on free enterprise, consumerism and corporate dominance of the arts. At the same time, doors are being open to the complete privatization of education. In effect, we are being taught to be a low information citizenry. A low information citizenry cannot fight for rights that they don't know they can have such as heath care, a decent free education and the right to organize in the workplace -- in short, everything that people can use to fight against it all.

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