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View Diary: Matt Taibbi pummels the media on destroying democracy (186 comments)

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  •  Speaking of polls (0+ / 0-)

    I read about a Pew poll in the Guardian a few weeks ago that said 60% of Americans in the polled do not believe what they hear on the TV 'news'. They had a online poll that followed the article and a whooping 85% including me, voted that the 'news' media was totally unbelievable.It's the propaganda arm for our one party joke of a representative democracy.

    How can people say that an publicly funded, limited time process, with real issues and debates, curtails free speech and violates the 14th amendment ? This is not free speech it is bought and paid for by the 'owners of the place'. How much time do our elected reps spend raising obscene amounts of money? How do they represent us if they are beholden to the likes of Bain or Goldman Sachs?

    This constant election circus turns our whole representative government into a unbelievable farce that that has been made legal by CU. The government is nothing but a ATM for the 'powerful interests' who in turn put on a show every two or 4 years and we get to pick which PR spokesperson for the too bigs we get to watch screw up over and set the world on fire for 4 or 8 years.

    To top it off after the perpetual juiced up kabuki elections our so called reps, trot out the polls of mass deception to declare every horrendous policy and anti-democratic agenda as popular and say that 67% of Americans think we should all get vagina probes, work as a corporate slave labor force or kill anyone that's an enemy of the state as they might just be a terrist who wants to kill yer family. Where's my habeas corpus?    

    This is not what democracy looks like. Why was no one else on the stage for the debate/debacle other then Goldman Sachs and Bain? We barely have two parties and even when the Democrat's win, they start doing the take it off the table, procedural rules, two legs better dance. No one get representation and the pols both sides continue to stir the culture wars and fear of the other all to keep the power safely in the hands of the global oligarchical collectivists.

    Meanwhile anyone who balks at the fake choices given is called low information or stupid. We all end up fighting each other over the crumbs of austerity and endless wars. Yes Matt Tiabbi is right the whole process is at this point a westlin match which is sponsored by the entities who's sole interest is destroying the common good, democracy and our great writ.  

    Other democracies have electoral processes which are not an endless catapulting of propaganda, constant fear mongering and a circus of global corporate money. But then again other democratic nations also have decent health care system's and not just one party, hell bent on destroying their democracy and their common good. Of course this is changing as this NWO doesn't really want a world where people have rights or representation.        


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