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View Diary: Children are the Future -€“ But They Can'™t Vote, so Whatever (7 comments)

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  •  Exactly. Children are powerless until they turn 18 (0+ / 0-)

    when they earn the right to vote. At that point, they can turn against the views expressed by the kind of adults who abused or neglected them, agree with the political sentiments of the adults who were kind and loving, ignore the political process because they don't feel they matter, seek out truth and justice from strength and confidence they gathered in strong family lives, become enamored with candidates because as teens they're impressionable and filled with hope, lose their hope when politicians let them down....and, of course, they can behave in hundreds of other ways.  

    Children can also turn adults around with their enthusiasm and optimism about a candidate. My own 18-year-old turned me on to Obama in 2008 at a point when I had no interest in him.  I'm still on board with Obama, but she has become ambivalent.  She is grateful to be able to remain on our health insurance plan, but beyond that she says she has not seen him do anything remarkable.  Despite two college degrees and lots of drive she still can't find a job she borrows money from us every month.  We tell her it will get better, but honestly her hopes have been dashed.  

    It's discouraging, and her lack of enthusiasm for this election has had a dramatic effect on me.  


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