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  •  okrent (none)
    Okrent ought to do some thinking about why the NYT joined the rest of the mainstream press in obsessing about Clinton's dick 24/7, while ignoring the truth coming out of Iraq.
    •  It pays (4.00)
      to understand something critical.  Both the NY Times and the Washington Post are willing to engage in psychological operations at the instigation of our intelligence agencies.  They are in an uncomfortable position, because they do consider themselves watchdogs, and they are watchdogs.  But when the nation needs to be shaped into a mold that supports war...these two venerable organizations are willing to get behind the effort...within limits.

      For instance, there is no documented evidence that Zarqawi has ever been in Iraq, at any time.  He has been portrayed as the man reading death sentences before beheadings, even though that man does not have a Jordanian accent.  That man has no evidence of a prosthesis.  

      Every bombing is attributed to this man, which personalizes the 'insurgency'.  But the NYT and WP have never questioned obvious holes in this story.

      This is a psy-op.  And they are going along with it. Yet, they are simultaneously doing investigations that undermine the war effort by exposing other lies from the administration.

      It's a complex relationship between the government and the BIG TWO.  

      Newsweek has just apologized for their article about flushing Korans at Gitmo.  Their source is suddenly unreliable.  This is what happens when Porter Goss calls the editor of Newsweek and says, "You've created a crisis.  People are getting killed.  Our mission in Afghanistan is at risk.  Musharraf is at risk.  You've got to undercut this story."

      What is the editor supposed to do??  Good question.

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      by BooMan23 on Sun May 15, 2005 at 12:10:44 PM PDT

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    •  more okrent (none)
      Actually they were obsessing before the dick story.   Back in 94 and on it was the misinformation from Jeff Gerth that began driving the "scandal mongering" stories.   They couldn't let it go once they made the investment and Howell Raines kept sending people out to find something, anything.  It was a just get some dirt on this guy mentality.  

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