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View Diary: Mitt Romney reveals his magical tax plan math. And it looks just like Bush's. (152 comments)

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    I posted this comment in another diary yesterday.

    This is the fudge factor that Romney and Ryan are counting on to make their lousy math work. I believe it will be Ryan's escape strategy in the debate with Biden.

    I've yet to see anyone quantify how much growth would be needed to equal the difference between the cost of the tax cuts ($5 trillion) and the potential savings from ending tax credits for things like mortgage interest, charitable donations and medical expenses.

    I'd like our side to have that number before the BS emerges from Ryan.

    The fact is, the tax cuts are always going to come first, and the growth is just wishful thinking (dis-proven by previous trickle down tax cutting). The gamble that this would not increase the deficit in practice would be an irresponsible one to take. Weigh that against the certainty that well-off Americans will benefit before ANY growth happens or any popular tax credits are ended.

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