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  •  I stayed in the closet for the same reason (3+ / 0-)
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    when I was between marriages, I only dated women out-of-state, where there was no chance of running into my ex.  My state had a very visible case where the child of a lesbian couple from New England, where one of the couple moved back to our state was given in sole custody to the birth mom, all rights of the other removed.  Also a case where custody was given to a grandmother when the mother began living with a woman after getting rid of the abusive husband/father.  Because a woman (grandmother) who raised a son to hit his wife and child is a better/more moral parent than a woman who sleeps with women.

    I dated men in-state.  Men got to meet my kids, women didn't.  Not really a surprised that my second marriage was also to a man since I couldn't let women get too close.  But since my kids became teens I've been out as bi (or maybe pansexual in the new terminology) and working for equality.

    One of my great parenting moments from before I was out:  there was a  very early news story about marriage equality and my then 11 year old son asked me what it was about.  I told him that some people thought that gays and lesbians shouldn't be allowed to get married.  His response, "That's stupid!  That's like saying blacks and whites can't get married."  So proud.

    Ironically, I sold buttons and bumper stickers for National Coming Out Day in DC before I was out -- you know, as a straight ally! -- oh well.

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