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View Diary: Romney ignores request from mother of Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi to stop using son in stump speech (117 comments)

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  •  If Obama is wise (5+ / 0-)

    He'll open up on RMoney with this.

    "Have you no decency, sir?"

    And of course, the fascist sociopath doesn't. No conscience either. These traits are crying out to be revealed. America deserves to know that which is being hidden from her and I can't think of a better venue than the debates.

    It's not a matter of accepted behavior or whatever, America is in serious danger of falling to this creature's lies. America needs to be told what he actually is. It is an act of patriotism to do so. I want the President to start thinking of what America needs rather than what's "decent". RMoney deserves no decency, in fact, it's the last thing he deserves having proven himself to be thoroughly indecent.

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