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  •  I feel the same conflict as you (2+ / 0-)
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    Steveningen, SoCaliana

    regarding the waste of human flesh that wrote the comment you excerpted: let something truly awful go by un-remarked-on, to do its damage in society, on the one hand--or risk giving some monster or other, attention they truly crave, on the other?

    While I can't know for sure, I don't think the person who made the dreadful comment was necessarily an intentional provocateur. Better to call them out. Does this hate group have any kind of revenue stream from advertising in any venue? Perhaps go in for that.

    It's here they got the range/ and the machinery for change/ and it's here they got the spiritual thirst. --Leonard Cohen

    by karmsy on Wed Oct 10, 2012 at 12:13:28 PM PDT

    •  I'm sure their funding source (6+ / 0-)

      comes primarily through donations. Check this out. Here are a couple of juicy tidbits offered by their founder, Paul Cameron.

      In a 1981 debate, Cameron claimed a 4-year-old boy had been sexually mutilated in a Lincoln, Neb., mall rest room as part of a "homosexual act" — but police in Lincoln said no such crime had occurred.

      He told the 1985 Conservative Political Action Committee conference that "extermination of homosexuals" might be needed in the next three to four years. He has advocated tattooing AIDS patients in the face, and banishment to a former leper colony for any patient who resisted. He has called for gay bars to be closed and gays to be registered with the government.

      Cameron even has called AIDS a "godsend," and it was for him: Though he was kicked out of the American Psychological Association for ethical violations in 1983 (he was alleged to have used unsound methods and misrepresented the work of others) — and then, after pawning himself off as a sociologist, declared "not a sociologist" by the American Sociological Association — his studies alleging that homosexuals were intentionally spreading AIDS have been frequently cited by anti-gay groups and commentators like Pat Buchanan.

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