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View Diary: Feet of clay in clippy shoes: the case against Lance Armstrong is released, and it is brutal. (40 comments)

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    There's been quite a few discussions about how the Sky team has been very similar to the postal teams of Lance's heyday.  It's also a bit odd that Wiggins went from a track guy/TT specialist to someone that could climb fairly well and does well in grand tours.  He and Sky might be clean but it wouldn't be surprising if they weren't.

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      I wondered how anyone could say with any certainty that Wiggins is clean. People used to say that with 100% certainty about Armstrong, heck right up until this year.

      But I thought maybe SantaFeMarie had info that the public lacks, and she seemed so certain.

      Otherwise, we know absolutely that clean test results mean nothing. We know that we can't trust the riders' word. How many have lied over the years? Too many, unfortunately.  

      I dunno. It's a mess.

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      by grover on Thu Oct 11, 2012 at 01:00:40 PM PDT

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