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  •  I have driven... (0+ / 0-)

    through Nevada and all the way to Salt Lake City in one day before.  I understand the long, straight, and FAST highway!  I don't mind it, at least until something gets in the road that shouldn't.  I'm betting those boys were at least a little tipsy because a sober person braces themselves and ends up breaking bones, tipsy people just roll with it and tend to walk away without, as you said, a  scratch.  I've heard all my life that god protects drunk people, and from what I've seen, it sure seems to be true.

    •  Well, I wasn't there (0+ / 0-)

      ... but I did ask them if any booze or drugs were involved. Didn't ask in a punitive way, more like "Ok guys, what can we learn from what just happened", and I like to think they would have told me if there had been anything like that (they said no).

      My other bit of data is that when I was 17 I rolled a car at freeway speed myself, not 85mph but certainly at least 60mph when the incident began. I had a friend with me in the car, we definitely were not drinking or otherwise impaired, and this was back before any cars had seatbelts. We both walked away without injury of any kind.

      Which is not meant to show that seatbelts are unnecessary or that one can roll cars without risk of injury-- only that sometimes people do come through uninjured.

      PS If I recall correctly, my son and his friends were wearing their seatbelts.

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