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View Diary: Is It Legal to Limit Disability Accommodation to Those with Family and Friends? (132 comments)

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  •  The guards don't know (7+ / 0-)

    what they are talking about.  I mean, that makes zero sense on any level.

    You have gotten good advice, and I don't know what your particular disability is, but my brother has epilepsy and he has been able to get a lot of assistance from the non-profit group that is set up to advocate specifically for people with epilepsy.  In his case, he applied for a job that crossed the line in asking about disability status, and when he called the association, they had their own attorney look at it and contact the employer (a public municipality) and the application was changed.  You are not the only disabled person standing in line; there are many people who, literally, could not stand in any line for any time.  Obviously they need and deserve some accommodation.  

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