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View Diary: Is It Legal to Limit Disability Accommodation to Those with Family and Friends? (132 comments)

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  •  I've had to do something like that (1+ / 0-)
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    have to extrovertly cut in front of people saying

    "I am not cutting you, I need something quick  and am going to get back in line" making eye contact. ANy sign of decent I say to that person. I have a bad foot, am going to ask for a chair.

    no one has a problem then.

    SOmetimes I then get a protest from the window person. I say...I am in pain, I am so sorry to trouble you but can I have a chair...

    It is VERY HARD to advocate for yourself. YOu have to work at that thing... if this were my child in pain what would I do/ask for. Me, I'd ask for anything without shame. ERGO....

    That said, I bought a folding stool (they have them for artists...3 leg stool. ALso have another kind for camping and a third kind that is a cane that turns into a stool) on a whim that has  been excellent, so the other posters idea to bring some seating for yourself I've found is a good one

    The stool I bought is a folding step plastic (one step) stool. WHen open it is the size of the kind little kids use to was their hands etc in the bathroom. I keep it in the trunk of my car. I do know it could be hard to carry (not for the avearge person but for me because I have a shoulder issue, maybe for you) a stool but maybe a very light backpack for it would help.

    you deserve to not hurt yourself. If money is tight peruse  free cycle, craig's list etc. In stores you could find something for 10-20 dollars as I did

    best wishes

    •  sorry to be redundant (1+ / 0-)
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      To be is not easy for me to advocate for myself...I meant I would be able to ask for anything without shame if it were for my child.

       I've also used luggage rack/small wheeled bag for my folding tool (once). Someone I know let me "long borrow it" they take it back when they need it for travel.

      I am fortunate I now have a car....I live in a walking place ---city--love to walk and can't walk for transportation. I often can drive to places and park if I can get close enough so for me it's the standing not the walking that's hard. But then I need to afford gas, can't walk well enough not to have a car.

      It' such a tangled web to crawl out of oftentimes when you get sick or hurt and cannot work. IT is much worse for many than for me, but I've gotten a glimpse/taste of it. It makes me even more affronted by the Romney/Ryan tune on the "people who feel they are victims and WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their lives".

      Look! Right here and now this diarist is trying to take responsibilty! trying to work through obstacles to get what they need. Being creative about it even with limited resources...hope you don't mind me saying xo

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