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View Diary: Quinnipiac: O+5 VA, O+3 WI, R+1 CO (112 comments)

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  •  Excellent news in VA (16+ / 0-)

    Wisconsin seems to react wildly to events...I'd like to see another Marquette poll there to really give us the state of the race

    Q seems to have a favorable voter screen for Romney all cycle in Colorado

    Seems like the legit pollsters (not the Republican hacks) still have Obama in a strong position

    •  Nate Silver... (0+ / 0-) going to cream his pants over this + the Arizona outlier poll and PPP's Ohio firewall poll, both with Obama ahead as well. The AZ result might not even be a compete outlier, but confirmation of a trend. The only reason Obama is still behind in Colorado might be because The Debate That Must Not Be Named was in Denver so voters there were more plugged into it.

      All hail Joe Biden and the Ohio firewall. A couple of good debate performances by Obama should bury Romney, Rove, and Koch, Inc. for good (funeral services for Paul Ryan were already held today).

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