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View Diary: Quinnipiac: O+5 VA, O+3 WI, R+1 CO (112 comments)

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    I'll say it again even if Obama is only just say even in VA and competitive in say a North Carolina it's still big trouble for Romney.

      Have you maybe thought about something else? The good/improving job numbers? Ohio & Virginia BOTH have UE numbers much less then the rest of the country,so the good news eminating from last Friday's jobs/UE numbers,plus rising consumer confidence reinforces voters in those states perceptions that the economy is better furthermore a good part of N. Virginia works because of Washington,D.C. so aybe are a tad better informed of UE numbers & such. Another thing is that the battleground state voters maybe better informed per each campiagns policy stances then in non-battleground counerparts.

      Just MHO though.

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