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View Diary: Quinnipiac: O+5 VA, O+3 WI, R+1 CO (112 comments)

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  •  Colorado number is fine! (4+ / 0-)
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    Considering that the Q Colorado poll picked up the entire four-day strecth immediately after the debate, and the fact that the debate occurred in Colorado, I think that number portends very well for Obama.  I bet if the poll was redone with a sample from a five-day strectch from October 7-11 (and not 4-9), the President would be ahead by a few points.  The post-debate dark period sampling, which I define as after Sunday (though this is a pleasant exception), looks great, and now I hope the national polls are lagging the state polls.  The Virginia results and even the WI results, considering the days of the sample, are just great! Maybe, just maybe, we weathered the storm and are getting are mojo back.  Q and Marist (which is outside the dark period more in its sample), and even Rasmussen to a lesser extent, are suggestive if not conclusive of a receding bounce for The Monster.  One thing we neeed to try to cure if not improve over the next couple weeks is voter enthusiasm.  If the RV numbers in the national polls applied, we would be on even a higher perch. Man what a difference 48 hours makes.  

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