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View Diary: A Devastating Expose of Mitt Romney's Mistreatment of Mormon Women Emerges (251 comments)

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  •  Bishop Romney should be fair Game (3+ / 0-)

    No doubt he did many charitable things, as well.

     He can speak of those....but he won't want to less he reminds evangelicals too much that he is a Mormon (and, in the minds of some evangellicals, therefore not a true christian).  Now perhaps, he will have to.   I swear to god the election would be over if the first question put to the presidential candidates is whether or not they think the Garden of Eden was in Missouri. Before Romney got to the end of his answer 30% of the conservative vote would go poof.  But that question won't be asked.

    The question should be will Women "in the way"  fair any better under president Romney than they did under bishop Romney?

    •  Not a Bishop. And promoted up from Stake President (0+ / 0-)

      while he was in Utah for the Winter Olympics.

      Romney's official position inside LDS is closer to a Roman Catholic Cardinal.

      All secret. All denied. All Romney.

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