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View Diary: BTW... Romney still hasn't released his tax returns (110 comments)

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    The press kind of treats his hidding of tax returns like a minor story, like anyone who's asking is a bit of a voyeur. But I really think that his failure to disclose when all other serious candidates have before him since his Daddy, further degrades the democratic process. I mean, he wants to tinker w/ the tax code and loop holes & we don't know how he has amassed his millions or what companies he STILL (Sensata) benefits from by sending jobs to China. Unbelievable. The media lets that go but, to this day, they still take polls about how American (or Christian) the sitting president is.

    I've seen other Repubs this year running in state offices, defiantly refusing to release their returns. Either because their hiding something or in solidarity w/ Rmoney to make it not seem so weird that he's refused. I think it sets a bad precedent.

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