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  •  Re: From the excerpts, a Biden knockout of the GOP (0+ / 0-)

    I have not been witnessing the debates live, as I believe they are just so much white noise for the media and punditocracy.  All that I have learned in politics across the span of my fifty-nine years is that presidential debates are never game-changers; the dynamics of a race are set in long before--and the only real debate that may have even remotely effected an outcome was that between JFK and Nixon in 1960--a razor thin race from beginning to end, in which viewers thought JFK won but radio listeners thought that Nixon won.

    Having reported that, from the Vice-Presidential debate exchanges repeatedly appearing on MSNBC this morning, there can be no doubt that Biden was fully in command--a master indeed spanking a brat who desperately needed a spanking.  Witnessing any polls who would have you believe that this was even a draw can only have come from organizations like CNN, in  its last gasping days to overcome being entirely irrelevant, and FOX, the propagandist arm of the GOP.  Otherwise, the win was most decisive for Mr. Biden, by all accounts and proper perspectives.

    It is the tragedy of my baby-boomer lifetime to have learned that the only way the GOP wins national elections is when they are able to fool the masses into thinking that they are on their side.  In fact, the "47 percent" video of Romney explaining most clearly his contempt for fully one-half of the electorate (Romney did not stop at just 47 percent but went on to describe nearly fifty percent as being in that category) before his wealthy peers --this is truly the GOP.

    They have spent eighty years hating every piece of New Deal legislation and nearly fifty years hating every piece of Great Society legislation.  They loathed both Social Security and Medicare and now casually proclaim that they are the ones to preserve them both by first scrapping them entirely--and making them voucher programs instead.  Any senior citizen dependent upon these programs who would actually vote for Romney/Ryan can only be bent upon suicide.

    I have witnessed time and again how the GOP creates characters out of rather worthless souls--reinventing an aging grade-B movie star like Ronald Reagan into a statesman and a rather lazy frat-boy into a wartime leader.  They have the money and moxie to do so.  But the real sad element of this is the media's buying into that facade, blurring the reality from that fiction.

    When the GOP, following the Reagan/Cheney doctrine, left America in shambles, both at home and in its good name abroad, in 2008, I thought, that though I was ever a strong Clintonite, that surely the landslide election of Barack Obama and the Democrats would be ending that long reign of terror.  I thought that it would be a long time coming before the GOP was resuscitated.  

    But I had forgotten that the GOP acknowledges nothing for the shambles in which it leaves this nation.  Instantly they again began the counter-war with every effort of re-taking the White House.  They would be there only to see to it that President Obama did not have a second term.  And although all that they did was to obstruct, they were rewarded by the American people who returned them to Congress--one of the most tragic episodes of my lifetime.

    Now there looms before us the most seminal election of my own lifetime:  Will the GOP at last destroy the last of the New Deal and The Great Society--killing Medicare and Social Security; destroying a woman's right to choose; returning America to belligerent status in foreign conflicts to benefit the coffers of the very rich, and leave a Supreme Court that becomes Nazi conservative for the next thirty years?  For these are the stakes.

    If we only had, as Joseph Pulitzer cautiously warned, "a disinterested press," to check for the egregious plans that Romney and Ryan would implement, inflicting huge harm upon the ever more struggling American working class.    Instead we have an MSM in search of a narrative for relevance and ratings, joining forces with the Romney/Ryan team that would turn America into a neo-Nazi state.

    Inasmuch as I know that my own state of Ohio can only be put in the GOP column this year if the GOP outright steals it (I need no polls to inform me that Obama has been winning here with early voting by landslide margins), I have faith that Obama and Biden will be re-elected and keep America safe for its working families even though the punditocracy and pollsters long ago joined forces with the fascists backing Romney and Ryan.

    If, however, through fascist leaning pollsters and pundits, the GOP steals this election, there will be no going back.  America will not survive their nefarious design for a class of super-rich and the disregard of everyone else--this truly would signal the end of this democratic experiment inaugurated in 1776.  This election is truly that seminal.

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