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  •  More citations of Religion Used Against Islamics (4.00) has a searcable archive of news reports related to US WOT prisoners.


    Dergoul -- one of five Britons released from the prison for terrorism suspects in March -- said he was repeatedly attacked by a punishment squad known as the Extreme Reaction Force during his 22-month detention without charge.

    "When the ERF were called, they were always accompanied by someone with a video camera," said the 26-year-old, who was first detained in Afghanistan.

    Britain's Foreign Office said it has asked Washington to confirm whether footage exists from Guantanamo and, if so, to give them access. "We don't have an answer yet," a spokesman said.

    Dergoul's lawyers released a statement on Tuesday detailing claims he first made soon after release.


    Dergoul's allegations against guards include that they:

    • Stripped and photographed him naked.

    • Deliberately touched his private parts.

    • Put a "three-piece chain" round his limbs and waist.

    • Gave forcible injections and denied medical treatment.

    • Left him with no blankets in freezing conditions.

    • Threatened to send him to Morocco or Egypt for torture.

    * Insulted the Koran, Allah and Muslim prayers.

    • Showed pornographic images.

    • Beat him and used pepper-spray or mace.

    • Forcibly shaved him and deprived inmates of sleep

    [02/12/2005 BBC News]

    He said his clients had been forced to wear shorts - meaning they were not properly attired for prayer - and that they reported confiscation of religious items.

    One method of humiliation reportedly includes non-Muslim interrogators throwing the Koran on the ground and stepping on it.

    03/06/2005 Knight Ridder Newspapers

    MIAMI - (KRT) - Captives at the Guantanamo Bay prison are alleging that guards kicked and stomped on Korans and cursed Allah, and that interrogators punished them by taking away their pants, knowing that would prevent them from praying.

    Guards also mocked captives at prayer and censored Islamic religious books, the captives allege. And in one incident, they say, a prison barber cut a cross-shaped patch of hair on an inmate's head.

    Most of the complaints come from the recently declassified notes of defense lawyers' interviews with prisoners, which Guantanamo officials initially stamped "secret." Under a federal court procedure for due-process appeals by about 100 inmates, portions are now being declassified.


    "On or about Christmas 2002, the head of shift banged on detainees cells, yelling Merry Christmas and cursing Allah," said New York attorney Joshua Colangelo-Bryan's notes from his interview with Jumah al Dossari, 31, of Bahrain. "Subsequently, a lieutenant arrived and ... he hit Mr. al Dossari and insulted the Koran."

    And after al Dossari asked a military policeman identified only as Smith why Smith had beaten him unconscious in one episode, according to the lawyer's notes, "Smith replied, `because I'm Christian.'"

    I'm sure there's many many more where this came from.  It's time for the US government to lay in the bed it has made.

    Sell your cleverness; buy bewilderment.

    by lapin on Sun May 15, 2005 at 09:25:32 PM PDT

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