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View Diary: (Official Retraction) The Newsweek Backtrack: Did the Right Win a Game of Chicken? (315 comments)

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  •  Media Infighting too self-destructive? (4.00)
    Part of what we are witnessing here with this Newsweek story is a relatively new phenomena to me.  At least on the national level.

    When a news organization is getting a bad rap because of some problem or other, the rival news outlets behave like sharks when they smell blood.  They circle their competitors and ruthlessly attack.

    In the short term they appear to get some kind of pleasure from hitting their competion when they are down.  I wonder what the long term effects of this rubbing salt in the wounds will have on the profession.

    Do we really need the media destroying it's own credibility when everyone agrees (off the record) that our troops committed these and many other unknown atrocities.        

    •  It is more like (4.00)
      Stories that deal with journalism issues have a far deeper impact on the people in the business and the press tends to spend alot of time talking about stories that they care about. Thus, when a big story comes out that deals with something like journalism that they care about they talk up big time.

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