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View Diary: (Official Retraction) The Newsweek Backtrack: Did the Right Win a Game of Chicken? (315 comments)

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  •  Newsweek-Isikoff getting the Eason Jordan Tx (4.00)
    That is really all this is.

    Just like  CNN's veteran newsman Jordan was forced to resign for talking publically (truthfully) about targeted killings of journalists in Iraq.  The Bush regime is applying the same treatment to Newsweek, on an essentially true story. In the case of Jordan, part of the reason was to confuse-distract from the then breaking Guckert story, and there is probably an ulterior motive for going after Newsweek-Isikoff in the present widely publicised WH attack also.

    It is a sefe bet all in the story and more is happening at US Torture Centers: Korans in toilets, women smearing menstrual blood on prisoners, pork (and worse) in food, stress positions, humiliation, torture, dog attacks... all this and much more is going on in the US military interrogation prisons at Gitmo (ask Captain James Yee, the US military chaplain at Gitmo  who was persecuted by US authorities who feared he might become a whistleblower ), Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca, Baghram, Diego Garcia, and all the US proxy torture franchises in Uzbekistan, Jordan, secret unknown places.

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