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View Diary: (Official Retraction) The Newsweek Backtrack: Did the Right Win a Game of Chicken? (315 comments)

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  •  Shouldn't we hold CBS and Newsweak (none)
    responsible for what they print?

    I find suggestions that this is all some right wing plot to manipulate and discredit main stream media weak minded at best.

    The job of responsible journalists is to tell fact from fiction.

    When CBS failed to do this, it cost the Democrats dearly in the last election, now when Newsweak does it, people die and the low reputation of the US in the world, slips a little lower.

    We should not be so amused.

    •  You're gonna be called a Freeper & Troll (none)
      But you probably know that, already. I wrote a comment about not accusing all servicemembers of being evil based on stories from prisoners at Guantanamo, and you'd think I was Rush Limbaugh's evil twin!! LOL Hard to speak sense to people that want to believe in something beyond reason, on the left or the right...
    •  true (none)
      You're correct, except
      1. The idea of soldiers desecrating Qur'ans is at the bare minimum plausible, if not confirmed by all the ex-prisoners and former guard accounts.
      2. There seems to be all this "kill the messenger" sentiment, which is why people here are rushing to Newsweek's defense.
      3. They didn't deny that it happened. CBS said it was fake but true, Newsweek said it's not so sure anymore.
      •  Plausibility is not the standard (none)
        of good journalism, that is the standard of good fiction.

        The messenger has but one coin of the realm, his credibility.  The MSM has consistently cheapened that coin in recent years by fabricating stories to fit their agenda du jour. In doing so, the messenger is commiting professional suicide.

        That Newsweak has hedged their denial is really as irrelevant as they are.

        My point here, much similar to that of Bill Moyers, is that the strength of America is in part a reflection of the strength of our media. If our media insists on engaging in acts of self immolation we should not be appaulding them and denigrating those who rightfully do not approve.

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