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View Diary: (Official Retraction) The Newsweek Backtrack: Did the Right Win a Game of Chicken? (315 comments)

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  •  There's more in that link (none)
    That's not the worst part. From the link, he speaks about Bagram Air Force Base:

    What treatment was reserved for the Quran?

    Here, I want to be insistent on letting know to the whole world through what I say until where the Americans went to humiliate us and flout our most elementary principles. It concerns the treatment inflicted to the Quran. Anything that could reduce it to nothing was used. They urinated over it, they ripped it; they cut it with scissors in front of us. They defecated on it and painted our faces with it. Yes, all this should be said so that the Muslim world understands which degree of hate this sacred Book inspires in them. I do not see why it came to that. One day, and in the Red Cross presence, they took all the Qurans of the prison to rip them in front of all of us. They behaved as regards to this noble Book as if it were a vulgar object. When we protested, we were tortured very badly. Each time they behaved like that as regards to the Quran, we were roused and obviously we were severely punished. It was a vicious circle. The other forms of torture consisted in unleashing dogs against us when we were naked, in groups in the showers, or then, at interrogation time. Dogs are prowled about this kind of work and sometimes the detainees were violently bitten. We became insane, at the same time experiencing fear, hysteria, hearing the cries of the others, enduring the cold, hunger and strong headaches. As far as I am concerned, I formed part of the first group who arrived and the last to leave. I endured everything.

    Then he speaks about Guantanamo:

    ...About the Quran, I must specify that I rued the fact that they gave us the sacred Book to read. Afterwards they used it as a form of torture, in the same way that they had used it in Bagram to push us to madness. It was a game for them. They came to take it one day, they gave it back again to us another day, then came to take it again and this, for all our detention time, not forgetting all the other aspects which I described above. Obviously, we responded by hunger strikes, cries, suicide attempts, blows and each time, we were broken in blood. They could also come to shave our hair and beard, to make us eat what they wanted, to give us injections and to throw us into isolation. We asked them to torture us physically, but not to touch the Quran, but there was nothing we could do. Their aim was to wound us in whatever we deemed most precious.

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