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  •  still left wanting (0+ / 0-)

    I thought Joe did great on foreign policy and Ryan took a major hit for support for war expansion. Yet I still am left wanting on the economy.  
      Here it is--
     What is Obama and Biden proposing to better the economy over the next 4 years?  Are we they sitting on their hands waiting for someone else to improve the economy? I still do not know exactly what they propose to do.  Why is this essential piece of information not being put forth to the American electorate?
      I hear lots of defense of past policy but nothing for the future in either debate. If its legislation already in the works then why not tell the voters this and what it is and what it will do for us.

    •  I too wish the President was a dictator and could (4+ / 0-)
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      BlackSheep1, WakeUpNeo, Sue B, S F Hippie

      enact on his own any of the four jobs bills that the republicans have blocked in the Senate, including a veteran's jobs bill that they blocked before going on their recent vacation...or the bill to hire more teachers, firefighters, and police officers or at least bring the ones that were let go back on...or the proposal to help homeowners refinance their mortgages...or any of the other numerous bills the Democrats and the President tried to pass that would put people back to work and/or spur the recovery. (The Vice President mentioned some of this in the debate during his request that Ryan and the GOP "just get outta the way." You should rewind and watch that part. It was pretty good.)

      But, alas, the President is not a dictator and, instead, is subject to the whims of a bunch of GOP loons who vowed on day one of his Presidency to vote in unison to block virtually everything in an effort to make him a one term president.

      Part of the plan for the next four years, right here:

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