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  •  I would go and change the rec (4+ / 0-)

    if you don't like the message of this diary you should not rec a comment with a similar message as this diary by the same diarist.

    I am referring of course to this

    CNN's in the tank for Romney (3+ / 0-)
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    Loquatrix, steve2012, pashber
    This cements it.

    They didn't need to oversample Republicans.

    It's easy not to.

    They just put their finger on the scale for Romney, so all the headlines could say it was a tie.

    Nobody will read their note, and they know it. They designed this fake poll knowing it.

    CNN is a fake news source at this point and they simply shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence with other reputable sources on this website or any other Democratic website any longer.

    Kos is a damn fool looking to them for their snap poll.

    A damn fool who never learns, because he wants a pat on the head for looking "sensible."

    His damn ego problems legitimize these fake news sources.

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