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    now a proud Portlandian, or Oregonian if you prefer. I got tired of the bullshit and stupidity. I think the heat makes people stupid.

    I never understood the butthurt of some folks here who insist that, "Well I am here, and I am Liberal, therefore you are wrong about your generalizations even though my shitty state always votes hardcore red and ranks somewhere in the bottom 10 states with the worst education but really that's just a coincidence because I am Liberal!!!"

    I am Floridian, born and bred. I escaped that asylum just this past April and I couldn't be happier. I tried, oh BOY did I try, to make change in that state. I volunteered, I was a delegate for the Democrats, I donated money, I wrote and called my elected officials, I talked to people about the issues and encouraged them to vote.

    So they voted in Voldemort. The education system is worsening. They turned away light rail money. And Orlando is the only somewhat mildly sane city in the whole state. Yet people still drive you off the road for having an Obama sticker, because you can't escape the goddamn rednecks even there. Also, it's hot as balls.

    I was way too exhausted when I left Florida: mentally, emotionally, politically... Portland was such a breath of fresh air in so many ways. Like, even the Republicans here are better (in that they don't drive you off the road for your Obama sticker, and they don't put up stupid billboards with human fetuses or anti-Obamacare messages, and you can usually have a somewhat civil debate with them, even the Tea Partiers).

    On an interesting side note, I wasn't the only escapee. I have seen numerous Florida and South Carolina tags in the parking lot of my apartment complex. A week after we moved in, the landlady told me she'd had another couple from Florida move in right after us. I see southern tags on vehicles all the time on the roads here. There's quite a migration from southeast to northwest, it seems.

    Not an accident. Life is just better here, in solid blue Portland. While I admire the drive of Progressives who are trying to enact change in solid red states, I couldn't do it anymore because I saw no change in my state, other than Orlando and Tampa managing to turn the state blue for Obama in 2008. That singularly odd blip on the map was followed by the Teabagger circus act of 2010.

    I would bet money Florida will go to Romney this year. That probably has something to do with all the young people like me getting the hell out of Dodge and moving to Portland, and leaving the state to Teahadists, old people and oranges.

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