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View Diary: Biden was Biden, which means brilliant. Obama will be Obama, which means... (355 comments)

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  •  My source is Nate Silver. (0+ / 0-)

    And the rest of your reply is comforting redirection.

    Obama lost the debate, and it made the election closer.

    I hope he wins the next two because it will matter.

    It matters who wins these things.  Why is that not obvious?

    •  I hear you... (5+ / 0-)

      but I have a hard time believing that a guy who was less popular that Duh--bya 2 weeks ago is suddenly America's sweetheart.

      I also have a hard time believing there are THAT many undecideds at this point. Even if there are a significant number left, they need to be living in OH, FL, or VA to matter. Undecideds in NY or TX might as well stay home.

      MR didn't beat BHO in Debate 1. BHO turned in a poor performance and made MR look better than he was, which is aggravating. I agree that cannot happen again. BHO didn't underestimate MR's debate ability. He underestimated how much he can't stand being in the same room with the guy -- and the disgust affected his performance. I'm hoping MR unwillingly kicked a sleeping dragon, and BHO will breathe fire next time.

      Finally, my heart goes out to all the folks living in OH right now. They must be getting politcally harrassed from all sides. Be tough, Buckeyes!

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