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    Let me take a moment to bash the integrity challenged hacks at CNN. Long champions of false equivalency and a slave like adherence to criticizing dems whenever the news warrants criticism of republicans, (every day) they have obviously decided that their future involves getting conservative viewers, so they now stack the panels with more conservatives, and maddeningly, tweak these stupid Wolf Blitzer insta polls. They have been going after the Bengazi story relentlessly since it happened. Instead of reacting to Romney last week with jaw dropping amazement at his shameless lying and flip flopping, they Unanimously felt his aggressive performance was "presidential." Not so much Joe Biden though, so we are left with it's good for romney to do it, bad for democrats. Watch them do this to POTUS next week. Oh and Anderson Cooper, you are such a hypocrite and a smarmy asshole at this point, I'm surprised you don't get slapped when you walk down the streets of NYC.

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