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    One thing President Obama needs to improve upon is the explanation of the $716 billion.  I have enough information to know that both the Democratic Plan and the Republican Plan remove the $716 billion -- and that the Democratic Plan uses it to pay for other Medicare costs while the Republican Plan uses it in part to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy, but while Vice President Biden addressed this, I thought his explanation left out too many details and the contrast would not be apparent to someone who has not followed the news on Daily Kos or elsewhere on a somewhat regular basis.  The Town Hall format should allow President Obama to give a concise, specific (though not professorial) answer that will educate the people who have believed the Serial Liar Mitt Romney/Lyin'Ryan lies about this $716 billion figure.  

    Another questionable figure was the $6, 500 (?) figure that Vice President Biden used.  He did not say that it was $6,500 per person, per year, so it almost seemed like the Republican Plan only cost $6,500 more, period.  Again, for people who have a rough knowledge of what Vice President Biden was saying, it was not difficult to follow, but it may have been for the low-information viewer.  

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