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View Diary: GOP: Malarkey is serious business and Biden should have shown it more respect (292 comments)

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    when you consider that one of Ryan's prepared "zings" ( very respectful) was to poke Joe about verbal "gaffes".  

    Joe doesn't say stupid things, so much as wear his heart on his sleeve, people know that, but the GOP loves to suggest he -- a man who has served for decades and clearly knows his stuff (and knows what is stuff when he hears it) is a buffoon.

    Yet this "buffoon" turned this insult on him back on Romney with such a masterful in the moment response that the-junior-who-GOP-believes-deverves-respect no doubt saw stars.

    The GOP's idea of "respect"is to constantly belittle a man who has shown nothing but character and consistency in his many years of service.

    Oh shut up and tax the rich.

    by stuntfrau on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 08:32:04 AM PDT

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