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View Diary: GOP: Malarkey is serious business and Biden should have shown it more respect (292 comments)

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  •  I think Obama was worried that he would be (1+ / 0-)
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    zesty grapher

    called rude and arrogant and unstable if he laughed at or got angry at or pounced on Romney during their debate.  

    If Obama had attempted that strategy, Rove was ready to play the card we are seeing them play with Biden today.    (And Obama is much more vulnerable because they would just love to play the "angry black man" card to boost their base.)  

    Obama kept his cool, I think, in part to avoid being red meat for the pundits --  but he came off as weak and "not there" to his base and many undecided voters.  Also, Obama has a hard time being "rude", he just doesn't have it in him.  One of his greatest strengths is that he can rise above anger and reactivity.  So "pouncing" isn't playing to his strengths.  

    So, during the next debate he should????  What would you all suggest?  

    Here is my long-winded proposal:  

    Our guts all said "fight back" because we simply can't stand the lies being unchecked.  Not letting the lies go unchecked is VERY important. Huge mistake to let Romney lie his ass off again.   But how does he counter all that without being purely reactive?  I think he needs to avoid being reactive NOT JUST because this can make him vulnerable to the propoganda spin, but because it is a weaker position than being proactive.  Much weaker.  

    Because what we really need to do is not just play "battle of the facts" but we need to TELL A STORY that motivates the voter.  Why are the facts even battled over in the first place?  Because they are the building blocks of a narrative.  The GOP is genius at using "facts" (true or not) to build a narrative.  Our aim should be to use our facts to build a story that is compelling and useful to our goals.  To not get mired down in focusing on THEIR LYING, but bring the focus back to OUR TRUTH TELLING!  We need the focus to be on Obama and his leadership and vision.  The more we focus on their lies, the more the focus is still on them!!!   Negative OR positive attention to a subject or person gives them more energy, power, and momentum.  We get what we focus on.  

    In other words, Obama needs to find a way to eviserate Romney on the facts without turning it into a "he said, she said" kind of battle.  It is hard to believe, but Romney thrives in that arena because he just becomes a bully and starts spewing more lies to confuse the voter.  Plus, the undecided voter reacts to that kind of wonky fact-based debate as not only confusing, but boring and uninspiring and unenlightening.  They are bored by facts -- true or false ones.  They want to be told a story.  

    So... Obama needs to tell a STORY, a narrative that scares the shit out of the undecided voter!!  They need to be scared to be woken up.  Obama should elevate the truly scary plans that Romney/Ryan has in store for us.  That scary story is what undecided voters do not get.  They are just ignorant of what the hell is going on.  They can't see a good guy or a bad guy (I am not saying that Obama is all good...I am speaking in relative terms). They focus on style because they just don't get what is at stake.  

    The next debate needs to frame the entire election to be about SAVING OUR COUNTRY FROM DESTRUCTION by the likes of Romney and Ryan.  This means being proactive, clear, simple, and telling a compelling story about the opponent... not JUST reacting to Romney's lies.  Go way beyond that and connect the dots for people.  Make connections between the facts!  

    Obama needs to use Biden as a jumping off point.  To go beyond making them look like a joke, to making them look SCARY... like, this is NO JOKE, people!  We need to make Romney and Ryan look deceiving, destructive and DANGEROUS to society.  They are out to get grandma, your kids, your school, your water, your neighborhood, your future.  This should be super easy!  (Big caveat:  to the degree that Obama and the Dems can't tell this scary story easily is to the degree that they themselves are in on it, having been co-opted and compromised themselves).  

    The only reason anyone would vote for Romney/Ryan is because they innocently (naively) believe their lives will be better for it.  Safer.  More prosperous.  More stable.  They have been convinced that liberals are the ones making their lives more unstable and that conservatives will keep them safe and sound.  We need to reverse that, to REVERSE THE STORYLINE.  That is a bigger task then exposing Romney's lies.  Romney doesn't care if you expose his lies.... he just tells more.  He knows the facts don't matter.  It is the dominant STORYLINE that wins.  And stories have good guys and bad guys.  Romney doesn't want to be seen as the bad guy.  This is why the 47% video was so damaging, and why he even said he was wrong (!) about it.  Now he is pandering to the middle class -- because he can't tolerate having the storyline be that he wants to kill the middleclass.  Ryan can't explain his tax plan -- because his real plans clearly show he is the out to kill the middle class.  

    Obama's team should be able to pull this off.  Romney is in many ways a one-trick pony.  He is a bully.  He lies.  He cheats.  If we can't convince undecided voters that Romney and Ryan are "bad guys" then we are in deep trouble.  

    •  Excellent comment. (0+ / 0-)

      I appreciate your insight, and I think you have made some really good points.

      I'm not sure how the questions will be chosen for Tuesday's Town Hall, or that the moderator will in any way be fair. I just hope the President is able to create a narrative with the questions he is asked.

      "I think of the right-wing Republicans as jihadists; they’re as crazy as those people. They want to destroy the country that we want to save." Paul Auster

      by zesty grapher on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 05:44:10 PM PDT

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