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View Diary: What I Keep Not Hearing About Medicare (182 comments)

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  •  Current Medicare is already a nightmare of forms (7+ / 0-)

    My wife just went on Medicare this past year.

    The free portion of Medicare is easy.. sign up and get your card.

    But you are definitely going to want to get supplemental... and that is through a private insurer.

    Then you most definitely want to get Medicare Part D.  That is also through a private insurer.

    Wading through the forms with all the options for even a handful of insurers is daunting, to say the least.  My wife and I got lucky in finding an insurance agent that specializes in supplemental Medicare plans.  She helped us through the worst of it.

    So.. Romney/Ryan Medicare plan could possibly be worse, but I do not see how.

    And.. their plan let's you choose classic Medicare as one of the choices anyway.

    The voucher system would likely be used only by younger, healthier retirees.  It will be a way of reducing their co-pays and out of pocket costs.

    As mentioned above, with all your problems it might be hard to find a private insurer if they are allowed to reject applicants for health reasons.

    Vouchers is a really stupid idea.  Even if Romney gets elected, I don't see how they would ever get them passed through Congress.

    •  This so true (8+ / 0-)

      My husband just went on Medicare this year: what a single health plan did last year now takes four separate "plans" to do: Basic Medicare Part A (free); Part B ($100/mo); Part D (the drug plan); and his wrap-around or supplemental insurance which as it turns out we get from the same insurer we had before he was on Medicare (it's actually the same plan minus first-line responsibbilty for drug costs, which are paid by the Part D drug plan).

      Annual cost is about $300/year more than we paid last year for the same coverage, and than I pay this year for the same plan.

      But it's more than four times the hassle to figure out which amalgamation of policies is the best mix for us.

      Many of my older neighbors have been convinced by Medicare Advantage/Part D plans that there is no traditional Medicare any longer.  

      One thing that seems clear to me is that by separating the drug coverage from the payment for treatments, doctors and hosiptals you have set up a situation where profits for drug insurance companies are in competition against insurance companies who woud bear the cost of the care required if certain drugs are denied.  When a single plan covers both then there's no upside to skimping on medicine if it would result in better (healthier AND cheaper) outcomes.

      I'm for all-age Single Payer. Let's just more on to this. Tax us for it and end the whole rotten mess. And most importantly kick the entire for-profit medical insurance model to the curb.  Whatever use it may have had initially it has long since over-stayed its welcome.


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