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  •  Another option for funding Medicare... (5+ / 0-)

    ... let those of us between the ages of 50-65 -- who the insurance companies really don't want to cover anyway, because we're more likely to NEED health care now and then -- BUY INTO medicare, like it was a regular health insurance policy.  Pay a premium -- more than is deducted now from our paychecks for medicare (or share the cost with our employers, however it works out).

    That means the private insurance costs for employers will go down -- because insurance companies don't have to cover us older-middle-aged people.  

    It'll be better for businesses, because the cost of insurance for older employees will be predictable and not go up the way it does now.  

    And because the majority of us are relatively healthy -- those premiums can help extend Medicare for the rest of us.

    (Not to mention it's one step closer to Medicare for All, but we'll not say that too loudly... yet.)

    Choosing between healthcare plans is pretty damned confusing even now -- I can just imagine what it would become if seniors had to pick their own plans from the private market.  And none of them would cover as well as Medicare does -- at a time when people need health care support the most, they are likely to find that their options cover less and less, or cost more and more.

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