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  •  Is it true that places like John Hopkins or (2+ / 0-)
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    Mayo Clinic do not accept medicare.  I heard that on Tv one day. I know it does not pay for things that do not meet their criteria.  I have a friend aged 69 who needs a hysterectomy because of bleeding.  She does not meet the criteria because her blood work never indicates she is bleeding to the point of being dangerous so every year for the last 3 years she has had a D&C . Although it is a completely different procedure. It does involve pre op workup , anesthesia and monitoring after surgery.  At some point wouldn't it be cheaper to just do the hysterectomy. Who makes these stupid decisions? Is it non medical personnel?  And Dick Cheney gets a heart transplant that cost over a million dollars.  
     However, after saying all that, I know that some  Drs.'s order unnecessary test and procedures  to make money for the hospital that pays their salary and to cover their buts.  

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