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  •  It's outrageous (6+ / 0-)

    Rates for people in the 55-65 category are already absurdly high; I"m paying about $25k/year for a high deductible plan!  That's in Massachusetts, as a small business plan (age rated), and it's lower than the Romneycare rates.

    The 65-70 group is as desirable to private insurance companies as bedbugs are to the Hilton Corp.  They don't want these high-cost patients, especially if not backed up by the government.  So raising the age of Medicare will probably throw a lot of 65+ people off insurance, and/or bankrupt them.  It would "extend" the trust fund, but so would just killing anyone who got sick.  Come to think of it, that would be much of the impact.

    Remember, too, how the basic Ryan (not Romney's modified and-doesn't-add-up version) plan saved the most.  Because it required the senior to pay the difference between the groupon value and the private insurance rate, millions would have gotten absolutely no coverage.  Romney's version claims that there will still be some residual basic Medicare, but it's not clear what it could be if he's also giving money to private insurance.  There's already some of that in Medicare Advantage, so any additional privatization would have to come at the expense of the current Medicare public option.

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