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    Intheknow, kurt

    I've often tried to reduce stress with exercise, and from what you say I guess I've never got past that "initial period". How many years does it last?

    So far away from stress reduction, exercise has always made me feel like one loud noise would break me. I felt the same after yoga, every day for six years. I tried to run a mile a day back in college, and my muscles got so tight I couldn't stand up straight. I stretched before and after, and nothing was enough.

    Speaking as a person who was and is an absolutely terrible athlete [tall, skinny, weak, uncoordinated], you would recognize me as a person who hated running for the reasons you describe.

    It's a little better if there's a clear boundary between fitness and competition, and everyone is free not to compete. To run without being timed, for example. To all those who champion [no pun intended] athletics as character-building, I ask them to consider what the experience is like for the kid in last place, who does not know winning.

    into the blue again, after the money's gone

    by Prof Haley on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 03:49:18 PM PDT

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      Prof Haley

      If I could guess, you are probably are sick of hearing from experts who say- "just push through it. "

      Carrying the equivalent of a 40 pound suitcase around my waist, I now know the pain of running.

      The key for me in training is incrementalism and cross training.  Bike ride or swim, or playing with the kids.
      Starting back with running , I am running and walking , then running. A couple days later, I will try to run a little farther. One day I will run up a couple of hills. All of this will help to gradually increase distance. is a great reference.

      Also, I think the school does a good job at keeping the times low key, except for between the gym teacher and the student. This way, progress is an individual goal.

      One of my biggest thrills in life was spending 5 hours as a bicycle escort for a lady with a prostetic leg running a 20 mile training run while training for a marathon.

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        a much better relationship with the whole exercise-sports-sweating thing than I do. I'll run if my life depends on it. Biking and swimming don't work for me. I've tried walking about 40 minutes a day, in my hilly neighborhood, and after 10 I just want it to be over. I've tried walking with friends, and I resent them for keeping me out there. And I'm beat at the end, wishing I hadn't done it. I do this for about a week, then chuck it for a year or so.

        I did yoga for six years, and there was never a day I felt better after practice than before. That yoga didn't make me feel better is still one of the most crushing experiences of my life. It sounded so good.

        into the blue again, after the money's gone

        by Prof Haley on Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 05:34:53 PM PDT

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